Which is the riskier movie: Avengers 2 or X-Men:Days of Future Past?

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Marvel’s movie franchise hinges on two main universes: the X-Men and the Avengers. The Avengers universe admittedly started a bit stale with the two Hulk movies. They were both OK, but generally disappointing. Some would say that the Hulk movies weren’t really within the current Avengers field as they were pre-Iron Man, but given that the only other major characters that didn’t get their own flics were S.H.I.E.LD. agents I’m counting the Hulk movies as at least within the same universe as the other Avengers films. But post Iron Man I the overall series has been a huge hit. Even the movies that weren’t all that great (Iron Man II was just filler in my book) did very well. And now that Avengers 2 is filming there’s already a huge amount of excitement as to what’s going to go on between now and then, and whether or not it will top the original Avengers movie in terms not only of sales but as a film.

Now take the upcoming X-Men:Days of Future Past. It used to be that the X-Men franchise seemed rather large in scope, with many characters being added to the mix with each new film. But as the Avengers franchise has exploded into an ever expanding universe (Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant Man etc.), the X-Men have instead imploded into stories about Wolverine. Granted, the character is a great character. But he isn’t as pivotal to the whole universe as the writers make him out to be.

So I’m wondering, is DoFP going to be just another Wolverine and the Other Guy movie? X-Men: First Class thankfully took Wolvie out of the focus and instead focused on Xavier and Magneto, their characters, and how they developed first together and then separately. The character development overall, and the movie, were much better than the prior X-Men movies in my book. Maybe it helped that the movie was based on a brand new story, not one culled from the Marvel universe. But as the original DoFP used the then-unknown Kitty Pryde as the linchpin of the story, it’s now guess who – Wolverine again.

It makes me wonder if character development will again be lost in the midst of cool effects and adamantium.


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