Upgrades & Repairs

The right upgrade can make all the difference to an older PC

If your computer is running slower, needs more storage, or can’t run the newest games or software than an upgrade can save you hundreds versus the cost and hassle of buying a brand new PC.

Many systems by manufacturers such as Dell and HP are upgradeable, and a simple memory upgrade can vastly improve your PC’s performance. However, not all upgrades are compatible with all systems, and not all systems are fully upgradeable. Have an expert look at your system to see what will work before spending money on incompatible parts.

Repairs done right

Do you think your PC has a virus? Is your computer running hotter or louder than usual? Computer repairs don’t always require bringing it in to a shop for several days. Bluedigital will help diagnose and repair the problem – on site when possible.

Contact Bluedigital for a free consultation to see what would be best for you and your system. The best part is that in most cases the upgrade can be done on-site, meaning you don’t have to bring it anywhere and downtime is minimal!

Bluedigital offers the following upgrades and repairs:

  • memory
  • hard drive
  • optical drive (DVD or Blu-Ray)
  • video card
  • CPU
  • system diagnostics and optimization
  • malware & virus identification and cleaning
  • system optimization
  • operating system installation

Contact Bluedigital at bluedigitalpgh@gmail.com or call (412) 254-4034 to set up your free consultation.

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